Campaign Platform

Public Safety

  No community can thrive if they do not feel safe in their own neighborhoods. With over two decades in law enforcement, I have gained a  unique insight as to what it takes for public safety to be effective and efficient. No matter the efforts made by our law enforcement professionals to make our communities safe, it truly takes a joint partnership between our communities and law enforcement to keep us safe. I am a strong proponent of increased law enforcement presence, the utilization of technology as a force multiplier, and increased individual responsibility as a three pronged approach to not only confront a criminal element, but to prevent the element from preying on our community members. We can not necessarily keep criminals from entering our communities, but we can all work together to let them know that they are not welcome. 

Fiscal Responsibility


As we look to our neighboring cities, we can see that they all are have serious economic concerns. The local newspapers tell of their respective situations on a weekly basis. Fortunately we, the residents of La Mirada have been under a leadership in our City Hall that has been fiscally wise with the City’s financial dealings. I not only look to the fiscal accomplishments our civic leaders as a model for others to follow, but a foundation to build on and continue to grow. Our fiscal responsibility is paramount: just because we have it, does not mean we have to spend it. 

Economic Prosperity


Although public safety is the fundamental backbone of any community, the economic environment and prosperity of a City is its lifeline. We, here in La Mirada, are not fortunate in the sense that we do not have any large parcels of vacant land that would lend themselves to the creation of a large scale business development. That is why our City government has to remain a steadfast ally to our existing business, welcome new businesses, and promote their growth and development for continued economic prosperity and creativity. We need to continue and expand our support for our businesses not only obtain the patronage from our community, but those also from our surrounding cities. Remaining committed to innovation and exploring all options must remain a constant in this conversation.