Campaign Issues

Fact vs. fiction

Youth Sports - La Mirada Soccer

I am sure my challengers and I agree on the importance of youth development and youth programs. I have been heavily involved in youth sports and youth development in La Mirada.  However one of my challengers, AGAIN, is misleading you when it comes to the La Mirada Soccer Association incident which took place this year.  The statement on his platform claims the following:

“With just one week before the start of the La Mirada Soccer Association season, the city voted to suspend the organizations field use thereby canceling the season for thousands of kids. This affected hundreds of families and never should have happened. Hundreds of parents and coaches stormed the city council meeting and for hours during public comment demanded that the city reinstate the field usage.

Not only is this a false narrative designed to evoke an emotional response, but also everyone involved in this incident knows exactly why and how this incident took place, including my challenger.  

The La Mirada Athletic Council has specific rules which govern the City sports programs. When you don't comply with the rules the La Mirada Athletic Council takes action NOT the City Council. LMSA was not compliant with the LMAC rules for years.  Unfortunately the action taken by LMAC did in fact suspend facility usage for certain soccer teams.  

The La Mirada Athletic Council made that decision based on the long history of violations of LMSA, it was not the City Council.  My challenger, through his own statement insinuates that it was the City Council that took such actions: that is FALSE

It was the La Mirada City Council that stepped in and saved the soccer season and reinstated the facility usage privileges.  

Again, my challenger has not relayed the facts and created a false narrative to try and gain an advantage. 

Our children should never suffer based on the actions of adults. The adult leaders of these organizations need to work together to ensure this situation is resolved and does not occur in the future.  

Campaign Issues

Contemporary Issues - Homelessness


No community in Southern California is unaffected by the current crisis of the expanding homeless population. Unfortunately the short sighted policies from Sacramento have had a devastating effect on our communities and have no doubt played a significant role on the ever-growing homeless population.

 There is no one solution to this situation, but I do know from my over two decades of experience in law enforcement, that we CAN NOT arrest our way out of the homelessness crisis. There needs to be a holistic approach which is fundamentally based in a “shared responsibility” with the public, private, and faith based organizations. We need to help those who want it, provide for the indigent, assist those that are in need of mental health treatment, and take an enforcement posture when absolutely necessary.  

Public Safety Initiatives


Safe Parks Initiative

  The Safe Parks Initiative (SPI) is fundamentally based in the implementation of technology, but also augmented by motion enhanced lighting, foot beats and a volunteer mounted unit. The proposed park for to pilot this initiative is Creek Park. 


Safe Streets Initiative

The streets of La Mirada are the main arteries for ingress and egress for all those entering and exiting our city. Unfortunately, those who chose to make victims of our residents also travel these streets freely. They drive main roads in, commit a crime, and leave on these roads, such as Imperial Highway, Rosecrans, etc. This free and unobstructed travel is about to be over....


Safe Neighborhood Initiative

The Safe Neighborhoods Initiative focuses on our respective neighborhoods and ensuring that the residential streets have the same protections as the Safe Streets Initiative (SSI). Instead this initiative will require the collaboration of community members who want to initiate such safeguards of their own accord. 


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