Los Angeles County District Attorney

Jackie LAcey


"With over two decades of experience in public service, law enforcement, and working with diverse communities to problem solve contemporary social issues, I know that Anthony will serve the City of La Mirada as your councilperson with Trust, Transparency, and Integrity. Anthony has earned my trust, support, and endorsement."

                                                   ......Jackie Lacey




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La Mirada Community

Public Safety Initiatives


Public Safety Initiatives

Safe Streets

Safe Parks

Safe Neighborhoods

Contemporary Issues



 There is no one solution to this situation, but I do know from my two decades of experience in law enforcement, that we CAN NOT arrest our way out of the homelessness crisis.  

Campaign Issues

FACTS vs. fiction

Unfortunately every campaign will have some challengers who will present a slanted position of an incident or current event which has or is taking place in the City of La Mirada.  I value integrity and truth, and I will take action when I become aware of mis-truths being presented to our community members as fact.

Dedication to the development of our youth


Dedication to youth development


"There is no greater obligation of any community than the development of our youth. Commitment to youth programs within the City of La Mirada is one fundamental way that we as a community can contribute to the development of our youth. These experiences truly build a community from the ground up, as this has been my experience when my children participated in City programing and athletic teams. These opportunities provide a unique opportunity for our residents to get to know one another, build relationships, and take pride in our City. As your City Councilman, I will continue to devote my time, efforts, and resources to the development of our youth and all those who wish to participate in our youth programing here in our City of La Mirada.  "



Value Based Leadership

"My family and I moved to La Mirada approximately thirteen years ago. We found that our neighborhood, located in Council District No. 5, was and continues to be a place that we can raise a family in a safe and community based environment. Keeping any community safe and moving in the right direction takes continual dedication to value based leadership. Following a value based leadership model brings clarity to ambiguous situations and serves as a beacon to continually do what is right, even if it is contrary to your own interests. We have seen some of our surrounding Cites turn away from their founding values, and unfortunately, once compromised, the road to correcting that course of action can be an arduous journey. Remaining true to the values that not only founded this City, but those that have seen it through trying times, cannot be compromised and must be adhered to at every level of government. "



Be visible, be accessible, be responsive

 "I realize that as your candidate and councilman there is a basic and fundamental need to be Visible, be Accessible, and be Responsive. This not only fosters a lasting relationship, but also creates trust and legitimacy with you the resident, and I your councilman and public servant. "  

Anthony Otero, La Mirada City Council 5th District Candidate

One Mission


One team....One mission


"Although the City of La Mirada has been divided into five districts, and I am running to be the council member for the 5th district, I remain steadfast to a unified governance approach. That is not to say that our 5th district will not have special needs and requests, as I will continually act in response to address these needs and requests. I do realize that we collectively as your City representatives act as one team with one mission. That mission is basic and must remain steadfast; and that is it to serve you, our community, with the utmost commitment, and professionalism." 

Anthony Otero, La Mirada 5th District City Council Candidate

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